The new Studio 43, with Vector technology is our “no compromise headphone.” Featuring a feather weight on-ear ergonomic design outfitted in all premium leather for comfort and prolonged usage.





A perfect mix of modern elegance and reliable optimized sound quality, the eirs headphone is your perfect in-ear wireless headphone. Slash proof and water resistance makes it ideal for outdoor activities and gymin’ it, while our signature chrome rim gives you the edgy style you‘ve been looking for to turn heads.





Meet fanstereo's, nubump. This is the smallest, yet loudest handheld bluetooth wireless speaker on the market. It bumps in stereo, and the bass will knock it off the table. You can now enjoy music anywhere, anytime with friends and family. Use it at the pool, park, party, in the shower or anywhere you want to hear music.





Bump to the beat with one of our loudest high quality speakers available. Showing off the ability to fully charge your phone multiple times and listen to music at the same time this speaker is a must in any environment suited for loud crystal clear audio. Make conference calls, skip/pause music, and control device volume all from the touch of a button. Sporting a working range of 75ft, this all aluminum and leather phone sized speaker is ideal in all situations. Get to bumpin’ with Fanstereo’s notorious NuBump+.


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