Our signature series, hand crafted out of stainless steel and aluminum. Made in the USA

MSRP $399

What's in the box

Fanstereo™ “Paradigm HPA7” hybrid stereo headphone Ultra-Premium 36" metal armored cable extension with 3.5 mm straight plug & 6.3 mm snap-on adapter Premium 36" cable extension with patented 90 degree 3.5 mm plug Paradigm headphones can be used wired or wireless via our 13” quick release earcup speaker cable.


Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction Ultra-Premium open back headphones with dynamic closed back speakers 13” quick release earcup speaker cable Passive Attenuation: 31.4 db Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Fidelity Response: High Precision Audio (HPA) V7.0 Drivers: 40 mm, closed back Impedance: 32 ohm Sensitivity: 106 dB at 1 KHz 1 mW Cord: Premium detachable Rated Input Power: 1000 mW Weight: 12 oz Warranty: One year Red is Right speaker E-Z channel identifier One size fits all tempered stainless steel headband User-friendly repairability Environmentally responsible natural passive noise cancellation No batteries required

Details about Paradigm


Passive Noise Cancellation, Aggressive Sound.

Fanstereo‘s “Paradigm HPA7” is the industry's leading innovative headphone with patented hybrid sound and design. Listen to music, or any audio, as it was intended to be heard! Make a bold statement without compromising performance or sound quality. Paradigm headphones feature a lightweight ergonomic design for comfort and convenience. Our High Precision Audio™ (HPA) drivers produce optimal sound which delivers perfect fidelity. Fanstereo’s premium detachable cables enable extreme flexibility while utilizing aircraft grade aluminum grommets to ensure maximum stability and zero sound interruption.

Professional performance in every environment.