Paradigm is the first true wireless studio quality headphone made for consumers. You have never heard anything like this before, we guarantee it.

No wires, free range, and this bad boy lights up! 

paradigm LIT

Details about the Paradigm LIT

Witness the Paradigm shift -- where sexy, smart, and elegant meets tough.
This headphone is comprised of only quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and a soft premium leather to contrast. An adjustable headband makes it a perfect fit for everyone.
The Paradigm features our patented High Precision Audio (HPA) technology. It is the first in its class to showcase dual wireless Bluetooth connectivity with true right and left listening capabilities - allowing you to hear the music as it is intended to be heard. With a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet and a battery life up to 45 hours, you will never miss a beat. If you do happen to need a charge, the headphone is outfitted with a cord capability so you can plug in and listen while you’re waiting to Power On. For those on the go, take your call without having to find your phone. Answer and speak directly into the microphone directly from the headphone. This feature also makes this a perfect choice for gamers. Other features include a lit Fanstereo logo on the outside. Customize the setting to either a pulsing or stationary light.
Whatever your lifestyle, the Paradigm is sure to compliment it

What's in the box?

What's in this package is amazing as our paradigm. When you purchase your paradigm DB you will recieve 1 Dcharge vipercoil, super fast dual charger, made by fanstereo exclusivley, 1 aluminum and stainless steel snap and release 3.5 mm dual jack for the right ear and left along with a female input. 1 aluminum 3.5mm 5ft extention cable.